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Heartbreak to Healing: Your Essential Spiritual Journey to Happiness!


Are you ready for fulfilling transformation in your life?  

Heartbreak to Healing is a 90-day program that teaches you a step-by-step blueprint for soul transformation to uncover your brilliance, create a life YOU love, and magnetize your true love.  

Making the decision to invest in yourself is the first step to living your dream life.  It is a commitment on your part to be ready, willing and able to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals in order to fulfill your true intention and live your life on purpose.

Does this describe you?

  • You have found yourself alone, experiencing heartbreak through a significant break-up or divorce
  • You feel something is MISSING even though you’re successful to the outside world
  • You feel overwhelmed, alone and scared because you just don’t know where to begin and how to make the permanent changes you desire
  • You’ve tried other things before to make the changes you desire and nothing ever “really works”
  • You are disheartened and disappointed with where you are in life at this age because it’s definitely not what you dreamed it would be.  You’re in a state of “now or never” in terms of fulfilling your dreams
  • You desire in-depth 1:1 support so that you can create the positive impact for yourself, change the inner and outer landscape of your life and attract your soul mate, your true love
  • You know and feel a connection with the Divine, but don’t know how to let go and create the life and relationship you truly desire

But what if instead you could:

  • Gain clarity on the direction you want to go in life
  • Learn how to be a manifesting machine to magnetize all that you desire into your life
  • Fulfill your innermost desired intentions
  • Create peace, joy, abundance, success and love in your everyday life
  • Access your inner power which will lead you on a path that is ideal for you
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Let go of old negative tapes and replace them with new positive ones
  • Find balance and make time for yourself a priority
  • Live the life you always imagined
  • Do work that lights you up from the inside out which positively impacts every other area of your life
  • Attract your soul mate and life partner

And what if all of this was possible at the end of 90 days?

My 7-step blueprint will show you how to go from heartbreak, grief and despair to uncovering your brilliance, live courageously and create a life YOU love!  And then from there, be a magnet for your true life partner.

I’ve designed this program for all of you who are already whole and amazing (yes, you are!), but just don’t know how to access this brilliant part of who you are!

Imagine being supported and guided to take steps out of your comfort zone and expand your life instead of remaining in a tight, contracted space.  Life was meant to be extraordinary and freeing with no limits.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”  

-Anais Nin

When you live your life on your own terms, it brings with it empowerment, high self-esteem and confidence.  No one can know what is best for you.  This is a process that helps you find the answers to your own life.  Learning how to tap into your own intuition, listen to that sacred inner voice and take inspired action will lead you onto your path.  Using energy based healing tools, I will be able to help you heal and release the blocks that are stopping you in your tracks.  Together we will facilitate your ability to find the answers that are right for you so you are able to be more productive and efficient leading to a more joyful, healthier and peaceful life and achieving all that you ever wanted along the way.

My intuitive abilities will help pinpoint your biggest blocks and help guide you to heal from the inside out in order to build a rock solid foundation within from which all things are created.  It is from this place that you create the life you desire.  I’ll show you how.

Program Details

This is a program that is personalized for you and includes in-depth 1:1 time with me. However, the details below explain the essentials of the program and what we will focus on.

My 7-step program is based on your ESSENCE:


Explicitness-this is where we focus on achieving a crystal clear picture of what it is you truly desire. You will uncover your deepest desires and most cherished dreams regarding love and success and together we will create a step-by-step plan to achieve the outcome you desire.


Shifting Gears-I will teach you how to shift and heal your inner programming that is keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels.  I use energy-based healing techniques to clear and release old limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are creating more of the same to show up in your life.  By healing and releasing your limiting beliefs and patterns you will create a new inner landscape.  My intuitive abilities can help pinpoint hidden blocks and barriers to making permanent changes.


Sixth Sense-you will learn how to develop your own intuition so that you can trust yourself implicitly which is an essential key to living your courageous life.  This is the next step to creating your rock solid foundation.


Evidence-I will teach you a tool to know that your life is beginning to change and how to keep the momentum going.  This will empower you to break through your inner glass ceiling.


New Thought-we will work together to change your thoughts and learn new ways of thinking in order to achieve the love, success, abundance and joy you yearn for.


Confidence-Create a mindset that will allow you to implement feminine strategies to create amazing, natural confidence which is what will attract to you your ideal partner.


Experience/Expression-This is where you emerge and experience a new way of being in the world and create a new outer landscape.


  • Please know that each step builds on the other and that at times it’s fluid in that we will go back to a step to get to another level and that this is more of a blueprint for change that you can use again and again in any area of your life.


  • Upon committing to the program, you will receive a coaching agreement and Welcome Packet!
  • Initial Belief System Assessment so we can determine your life long patterns
  • A 1-hour Intuitive Guidance Session (Value: $195)
  • 10 private 1:1 coaching sessions over the 90-day time period
  • Unlimited email access in between sessions
  • A downloadable guided healing meditation
  • PDF worksheets, practical tools and journaling exercises all written in easy template form so you can print them out and have daily access to them

Yes, I’m ready, willing and able to invest in myself.  

If this is how you feel, let’s have a FREE conversation to determine if this is right for you!  Please fill out the form below to get started! 

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