“Lisa’s intuitive feedback was very valuable and “spot on.”  Lisa has a true gift for coaching; especially helping identify areas that need attention.  I was able to quickly identify my limiting beliefs and blocks that stemmed from certain event’s in my life and with Lisa’s help, I was able to connect the event with the beliefs/blocks preventing me from making the changes I wanted to make in that particular area. What Lisa taught me resonated so much with me.  She encouraged me to do deep healing work and taught me tools to use every day to help me get closer to freedom.”  

-Jackie H.  Kentucky


“I honestly felt like I hit a brick wall when I first met Lisa.  I was approaching my 50th birthday, felt stuck and had really lost my passion in life.  I knew I was not living my life’s purpose and really was not experiencing any joy in my life.  I would feel momentum then become paralyzed putting a halt to moving toward my goals.  This resulted in moving from job to job in a career which did not fulfill me.

In the 3 months I worked with Lisa, she supported me in discovering why I was not moving forward in new ventures; helping me unblock energy so I can finally move through emotions I have been locking inside. She gave me tools in which I can use through any roadblock especially when I feel like I am going back to old habits.  I have been making steady gains in the direction to living a more fulfilled life. I have even found peace in my current career while on my journey toward living my life’s purpose.  I have just begun and look forward to continuing my journey and healing with my Life’s Guide, Lisa! She is the light that fills up my darkness, so I can find my way out!”

-Teresa V.  New York


“Lisa has been my friend, my mentor, my sounding board.  She has guided me over hurdles and pointed me in the right direction when it looked like I was getting lost or confused.  It’s been an upward battle and I feel like I have come a long way since our first meeting 6 months ago.  There has been a lot of ups and downs, but healing is never easy and life can certainly be messy at times.  Finding your true essence is never about acquiring something because it is something you already have, but is buried deep within you.  You have a feeling it’s there, but in the maze of your life you can often take the wrong turn and find yourself against a barrier not knowing how to get out of it.  

Lisa can help to remove these barriers and find your way out of the useless debris in your life sometimes called, “self-defeat” and back to your healthy and happy true nature.  She is sweet and kind and she really listens.  She finds things in what I say that I didn’t realize were there and helped me to work more on myself as well as taking time for myself.  She gave me tools to use when I was feeling anxious and how to use a meditation she teaches to help me when I was feeling stuck.  She helped me put things in perspective and to make a workable plan for my life.  Even now when life throws me a few curve balls I know that I should stand up, take notice and dig a little deeper.  She has taught me to look at what comes up and release it for healing and not bury feelings so that they never see the light of day.  

My life will always be a “work in progress” but I truly value the time, the energy, the guidance, the tools and the encouragement that Lisa has given me.  They are for life!”

-Terry H.  New York


“Thank you Lisa for an amazing and inspiring call.  I feel so light and honestly ready to allow my book to flourish from my heart and soul on to the page.”

-Denise S.  British Columbia, Canada