Little Golden Nuggets



This morning I went to the grocery store with my daughter for our weekly trip.  I had a cart filled with groceries and at check-out, there seemed to be only one cashier open. The other lights at the cashier station were all off.   So I went to the one that was open and started to put my items on the conveyor belt.

I happened to turn around to see a guy trying to figure out where to go check out. There was finally one other person open, but someone was already there checking out. This guy had his arms folded and he looked as if he had nothing to buy.  I turned and asked him if he was buying anything and he showed me two items in his hand.  I said to please go ahead of me.  He replied, “no that’s okay, I’m not in a rush.”  I think time stood still for a second.  Not because I noticed how cute he was (because he was), but because I was thinking, “wow, I want to not be rushing around.”  I primarily feel like my life is one big rush.  And what am I rushing to do?  Who knows?  A million things at once.

I kept thinking about his comment and decided to ditch all the things I had on my to-do list for the afternoon and took my daughter to the sprinkler park where we could just be for a while.  No rushing necessary.

When we are conscious in our every day lives, we can hear these little golden nuggets of wisdom.  When we aren’t paying attention, they slip by into the ethers with the hope that maybe we will hear it again in another context.

I needed to hear that today and I’m so glad I was paying attention.

With Love and Light,


Positive Quote of the Day:  “We don’t meet people by accident.  They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”  -Unknown



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