Keep It Simple Suzy-Q!


I recently read a story in which a woman was explaining the difference between she and her husband.  Her philosophy in life was summed up with KISS.  An acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid.  I had never heard that before and started laughing.  Probably because the word simple wasn’t always on my radar.   I tend to take the more intense route and I’m learning how much more peaceful life can be when I do keep it simple.

Although in the story her husband was the one who over-complicated things, I believe this trait is seen in women more.  Not only do we as women have so much on our plate, trying to juggle work, kids, housecleaning, and bills, etc., there’s some expectation that we show up as superwomen and prove that we can keep it all together.  Let’s not forget the high number of single moms who juggle it all.  And even if your single, the amount of pressure women put on themselves can be intense.  It’s as if the plates are in the air and one miscalculation and you have a mess on your hands. This is no way to live.

So how do we keep it simple?  This is still a process for me.  I recently wrote a list of all the things I believe I HAVE to do.  Then I looked even deeper and realized I needed to prioritize the top 5 things that must have my attention.   These are the things I focus on now.  The rest I let go.

I also believe taking the time to get organized can really help with the simplicity philosophy.  I’ve recently started planning my meals and making a grocery list.  I used to just wing it at the grocery store.  It was stressful to say the least when my daughter was hungry, crying for a snack and I’m standing in the middle of the store trying to figure out what to make for dinner, panicking.  I also make sure to take time once a week to clear out any unnecessary clutter that has made it into my home.  These are just a couple things I’m implementing so I can continue to feel inspired. Because when we are bogged down with too much on our lists or in our minds, it’s difficult to tap into that sacred part of ourselves and live from inspiration.  And that is our purpose.  To live from inspiration with joy!

I would love to hear from you about how you keep things simple.  Oh, and I changed the slogan for myself to Keep It Simple Suzy-Q.  This way I can use it and teach my daughter this philosophy as she grows.  Plus, calling ourselves stupid is not self-love language!

Positive Quote of the Day:  “Be as SIMPLE as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and HAPPY your life can become.”  Paramahansa Yogananda

With Love and Light,


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