What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a person who provides trusted support and feedback and is an objective facilitator to keep you accountable to your own choices and actions.  It is someone who can help you uncover the issues that are preventing you from taking action and fulfilling your true potential and then celebrate with you when you succeed.  All of this is provided in a non-judgmental space.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Only you can answer this question.  From my experience, coaching can help you achieve your intentions faster than doing it alone.  There is magic when two people come together and co-create for the common good.

Why should I choose you over other coaches?

Again, this can only come from you.   It’s usually a feeling one has about who they feel a connection with or resonate with.  If you felt drawn to the energy from my website and like what I have to say, then that’s a good place to start.  Other ways to get to know me are in my Facebook community at www.facebook.com/lisabruchac or on twitter at www.twitter.com/livefromessence!