Do you trust you GPS?

Do you trust your GPS-2

I recently took a  trip down to Long Island to visit family.   Later that day I was returning from Long Island and had to go through New York City to get back to my friend’s house to pick up my daughter.  I punched the address to where I was going into my navigation system and set it as my new destination.

At one point, the GPS told me to go left and immediately my mind started thinking about how that couldn’t be right and maybe it was wrong and as I was thinking all of this, I chose to ignore the GPS and went straight.  I completely missed where I should have turned.  Being in NYC and missing your turn is crazy and it’s not easy to find your way back to the right path.  Eventually the GPS re-routed me to a new path, but not without a lot of frustration and feeling utterly lost on my part.

I started thinking that this is exactly what happens in life.  Do you ever find yourself determining the outcome you want and then as you’re going along on your path, things may show up that are perfect for the execution of the outcome you want, but you begin to question it or not trust that it will get you to where you want to go?   You start to mess it all up.  If we can just remember to trust the process, let go and allow the Universe to show us the way, life would move along much more easily.  We could prevent a lot of frustration and feelings of discouragement.

This is what living from your true essence is all about.  It’s following that sacred inner guide, trusting what you hear implicitly and staying on the path its guiding you on.

The next time you take a drive to a new place, trust your GPS.  And let it remind you to trust your inner guide.


With Love and Light,


Positive Quote of the Day:  “People still regularly discount the sixth sense because their egos will do anything to stay in control.”  -Sonia Choquette





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