Missed Opportunity!

Today I had to see my primary care physician for an annual physical.  The wait to see the doctor was much longer than usual and once I was taken back to the exam room I was rushed through the vitals the nurse needed to perform before the doctor came in.  Although she was rushing she […]

A New Day is Dawning!

We are being asked to raise our vibrational frequency with an urgency that is evident with the disasters that are happening all around us.  As a collective consciousness, we can bring about change.  Change that will affect how all of us are living.  It starts with you.  We each need to be more conscious and […]

Oh Joy!

I was perusing a parent magazine today and the word Joy kept jumping out at me.  “Discover the Joy”, “Joy is in Bloom” (love this one), “Treasuring every day Joy”, “Share your Joy”, “Just add Joy”, “Just be Joy.”  Actually the last two are mine.  I think I’m onto something here. Then I came upon […]

The Story of the Golden Buddha!

I recently read the following story and would like to share it with you.  It’s the story of the Golden Buddha which was published by Jack Canfield in the Chicken Soup for the Soul:  101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit. Back in 1957 a group of monks from a monastery had […]

Living with Integrity

One definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”  A physical description of integrity is unimpaired and complete.  According to Wiki, “Integrity comes from the Greed words ‘integra’ meaning whole.  It enters into every aspect of one’s life.  It is a belief system without faltering, no matter how dangerous […]

First Steps

When you take even one small step in the direction of your dreams, the Universe supports you.  With each small step, you gain momentum and after only a short while you look up and realize you are in the process of making your dreams a reality.  Will it be easy?  Not necessarily, but maybe not […]

Be Inspired!

Wow, the support I have received has been amazing.  My friend Salena who writes a blog called The Daily Rant wrote a segment about me.  Check it out here.  Salena is someone who has followed her true path and makes a living doing what she loves.  She is definitely someone who lives outside the box. […]

Living from Essence

I decided today to start a blog.  I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while and realized this morning what’s been holding me back.  It’s my critical internal voice.  It seems to rear its ugly head when I think about moving forward with my most cherished dreams.  Who is going to read my blog?  […]