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Lisa Bruchac and daughter Ava


There’s a place where you feel you’ve hit rock bottom.  Something happens in your life that takes you down to the pit of despair, the bottom that’s dark and scary and feels hopeless.  As you move through life, you have these times when you think, “this is it, I can’t do this anymore, the pain is unbearable and I am done.”

Along my path, I’ve had several times where I thought I was at the bottom, in the caverns of the darkest, scariest places within; the place deep within that feels as if your insides are burning up.

I believe we experience these periods of time in our lives to heal and release and let go of all that isn’t working and replace it with a higher vibration of love.

Each time we get a little closer.

But then there’s a big hit.  A time that breaks you so that the only thing left to do is rebuild in a way that makes you stronger.   It’s not easy.  It’s deep soul level work.

But coming out the other side when you are put back together in a way that you show up differently in your life, you show up as YOU, is the Divine gift that comes from breaking.

I thought I had experienced the bottom when I experienced a deep, dark cloud of depression that took my vitality away when I was 26; I thought I hit bottom several months after my daughter was born when I lost several important relationships in my life through death and through letting go of what I thought I had with others in my family.  But my biggest hit was the night I discovered my husband was having an affair over 2 1/2 years ago.  And yet, that didn’t do it completely.  It was bit by bit, as I tried to hold my marriage together over the next several months until I found myself lying on my bathroom floor one morning two weeks after my husband left.  I couldn’t move, my vitality for life vanished and I was terrified.

Then came the glimpse of the light that allowed me to get up.  I stopped crying abruptly, pushed myself upright with my sister helping me up the rest of way and that was the day I began to heal.

I thought it was about saving my marriage and us working together to heal and create a stronger, healthier relationship.  It wasn’t.  The relationship served as a vehicle to get me to a place to heal myself and create a more loving, authentic relationship with me.

When you hit rock bottom, it is scary. There’s nowhere else to go, but up. And as cliche’ as that sounds, it’s true. Its the trying to remember that when you’re in the deep, dark pit of despair.

If you’ve experienced heartbreak, divorce, betrayal and hit rock bottom, just know you are not alone. Although our journey’s are unique to who we are, I know you’re pain.  I know the devastation.  And I know how to help you heal to create a beautiful, authentic relationship with yourself.  It’s only then, can you attract a love that’s deep and authentic with your perfect partner. Because you’ll be a magnet for your ideal partner from a place that’s like crystal inside you-glimmering with light and joy.

A few things to know about me:

*I love to read and have several books all over my house going at once

*I love to write and it fulfills my soul

*I have a beautiful daughter and love being her mom

*I’m passionate about holistic health and healing and use essential oils which are also all over my house (check out the tab Essential Oils)

*I eat organic whenever possible and eat a gluten and dairy free diet and I’m always on the lookout for great recipes

*I feel nourished when I’m outside, especially in winter

*I don’t like folding laundry so I usually don’t and we live out of the laundry basket